Our travel day started early with a flight leaving LAX at 8:30 to Guadalajara.  We assembled at the check in area at 6:30am only to find that we were missing a player.  We found that he had accidentally slept in and now would be missing the team’s flight to Mexico.  I’m told he ended up taking a later flight and should be arriving in Mexico soon.

We carried on as a team to the gate and boarded another of what have become pretty routine flights to another country after Mo and Chris Rea sweet talked their way into the business class lounge.  The service on the plane was nice, but nothing close to the awesomeness that we experienced on Air New Zealand Airlines.  We arrived, gathered our gear and hopped into our team bus to the hotel, which was about 30 minutes away from the airport. 

As we arrived at the hotel we ran into the Brazilian Men’s and Women’s teams and we did our best to look intimidating.  The team moved into our rooms and headed down for lunch in the hotel, where are again ran into the Brazilians. Afterwards, we had a little down time before a jog and stretch. 

On the J&S the guys were almost hit by cars on multiple occasions, so we decided it might be better to run around a public park instead, less cars and all.  We took a few laps around the park, did our stretching, plyometrics and heart rate spike and it was back to the hotel.  A little more down time. Some hit the pool while others relaxed in their rooms.  We had a brief orientation meeting at 8 and went straight to dinner, where we found that there were Canadians in our midst. 

Most of the guys haven’t been to an international tournament before, so seeing all the different countries arrive is getting everyone pretty pumped.  We look forward to our test match against Argentina tomorrow. 


Alex Grassi #10

Jaja Kentwell #5

Chris Rea #21


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