After a decent win v Venzuela, we had the next day off. We woke up to a 10:30 breakfast and started the day off easy and relaxed. 11:30 it was jog and stretch time, this time totally different. Jason took us for a nice pool-recovery session. After treating our muscles with some nice cold water, we headed to our rooms for lunch. Jason had arranged some fresh chicken to put on bread and baby carrot bags for our mid-day appetite.

After eating lunch we had a bunch of free time. Some guys took a nap, while the others played the well known game, handball. Liam and Tyler were top class with Ghandiman usually ending up in 3rd place. At 5o’clock we headed down stairs for an early dinner. Due to our non existent Spanish communicating ability , we ended up eating a light snack but managed a proper dinner at 10pm.

In the between time  we went to go watch the USA girls hockey match against Paraguay. We left the hotel  on one bus with the girls. We as U21 boys were accustomed to a quiet bus ride to get our mind set for the game. In this case it was totally different. The girls were very noisy. The ipod speakers were going full blast, and the girls were singing along to pump themselves up.

Once we arrived at the field we played round 1 of our champions tournament of wiffle ball to kill some time before the match started.

During the  girls game we tried to be the best fans possible for the girls. We brought flags, music and some heavy-men voices to cheer for the USA. We managed a solid last goal in the last couple of minutes of the game, it finally ended up in 8-0 for our girls. A great result! Keep it up!

Of course we also had to get back to the hotel. The bus ride back was even more exciting than the way to the game. Not only were the girls singing but we even caught some coaches screaming along. We had an absolute blast.

After our 10 pm  dinner we headed to our rooms for a good night of sleep. And that is where day 4 ends. 

Rutger and his roommates

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