Today was a solid day overall. The positive started at about 10.15 when Aki awoke and proceeded to throw a random paper ball into the trash bin a good room length away. The mighty German who has never played a lick of basketball swished it! It was bound to be a good day. Things proceeded as usual with a standard, predictable breakfast and a casual jog and stretch, in which we dodged Mexican traffic as though it was second nature.

Afterwards, we had a few hours of downtime when most of us caught up with our favorite tv shows and watched movies. At about 4pm we prepared our minds for our first game with about 20 minutes of visualization with our trainer, Goku. The soundtrack of the movie “Gladiator” definitely got us in the zone and pumped us up even more as we closed our eyes and reflected on scenarios in our heads.

Things got into full swing as we had our pregame meal, pregame meeting, and headed to the stadium. It was all business from here.

 Having arrived earlier than expected in the locker room, players used their spare time to get their minds set for the following game. People listened to their iPods, checked their equipment or went to catch some air and wander around the stadium.

 Finally the game got underway. Our team got a perfect start with Aki scoring a PC within the first minutes of the game. The game started too slow for us and Venezuela seemed to pick up there speed. As both teams continued to fight for possession three PC’s were earned yet still the game remained 1-0. Then as the second half was nearing its end Austin Groeneveld brought the game to 2-0 with a beautifully composed goal inside the circle.

Throughout the second half we finally started to execute our outlet and and controlled possession for the majority of the half. With the majority of possession in our hands it became easy to knock in 3 goals making the game 5-1 for the USA win.


Ajai, Aki, Sean


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