Today was the first day of experiencing what we will be having for breakfast for the next 15 days and we were all disappointed. 
All they had to eat was stale bread, old and very moist eggs and what im sure was sour milk but i was to scared to check. I know disgusting right? Needless to say we didn’t eat much. Even Johnny would stay away from that food!
An hour later we had a jog in stretch which usually isn’t to bad but with, empty stomachs, and a higher evelvation 15 minutes felt like 2 hours. 
It didnt help that we had to jump every other step to avoid bumps on the sidewalk. Of course we had a victim to the sidewalk and of course that victim was Brandon.
When we finally finished the jog and stretch we were more than relieved to have some down time. We all made some PB&Js which is an average meal but compared to the breakfast we were in heaven. 
Next on the schedule was the scrimmage against Argentina. We were all excited to get back on the field and get a run out after our 4 days off (that’s a long time for us).
You could tell we were a bit rusty after coming off the first half 3-0. We got in our rhythm and dominated the second half but were unable to turn the many opportunities we had into goals and finished the game at 3-0.
Once we got back to the hotel we didn’t have anything scheduled til dinner so a couple of the guys decided to take a dip in the pool.
Dinner was good and we all left the dining room full and happy. After dinner we were doing the usual, hanging out in one room and playing instrumentals while a few of the guys would freestyle to it. We all enjoyed it and were ready to call it a night when we saw our girls USA Field Hockey team sitting in our hall.
After 45 minutes of conversing and getting to know one another we finally called it a night and went our separate ways. It was a good day and a good start to the tour.
We all can’t wait to start the tournament matches tomorrow and show everyone that the USA is ready to win!
Tyler Sundeen, Ranjot Sangha, and Christian Linney



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