The day began with some Lil Wayne booming on the speakers whilst cooking our routine scrambled eggs. It was nice to have a rest day, but resting was the last thing on our mind when we climbed to the top of One Tree Hill, which ironically had no tree?! Johnny decided to work on his chasing of innocent sheep whilst the others admired the view of Auckland.

We then had a lovely surprise in store, fish and chips! “No Johnny, chips as in fries” to his delight. This was a good change from our gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We ate the speciality dish in one of the picturesque parks, which quickly led to some childish monkey behaviour in the trees.

The real fun of the day began when we arrived in the city centre of Auckland. We spent the afternoon wandering the streets exploring what the city had to offer. The antics continued with Johnny clumsily smashing some glasses in Starbucks and blaming it on the table.  JaJa was left to his own devices to wander the streets after loosing his teammates. Meanwhile Chi Chi and Ranveer managed to get themselves into a rap battle on the streets of Auckland putting their skills to the test with a local.

The day ended in style with our first meal out at an ‘all you can eat’ Mongolian restaurant.  The boys took ‘all you can eat’ a bit too literally, piling mountains of food on their plates, this would be an interesting entry for the food log. Christian was in some pain after the extreme amount of meat consumption he took in. We all headed back to the hotel with our body stocked up on food for the remainder of the week much to the delight of Mike Whitehead… No more trips to Pak’n’Save!

Chris Rea, Andrew Davis


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