Friday started earlier than all the previous days, with a 10am start. We had a team meeting and went over some things from yesterday’s game.

After the meeting we went to the fields with practice on our mind. We were surprised to find out we had some challenges from the coaches, which included the 25yard crossbar challenge, rebound, and the backhand challenge. The players had won the first two games and the series just to bet it all away on double or nothing rebound and unfortunately lost. After all of that we had a fun game of American football. The teams were the east coasters with Chris as their quarterback vs. the California born players with Ben as their quarterback. The game was close and decided on the last play but the Cali boys won. We departed the pitch with a competitive edge to our game excited for the game.


Getting back to the motel we were told we had 3 hours before we left for the Auckland pitch that usually took around 40 minutes for a 6:00pm game, our second in the series. In these 3 precious hours of down time before we left for the pitch we were to eat lunch and cook dinner, after being told this I immediately planed my meals perfectly so as to coincide with my metabolic hunger ratio to maximize my nutritional intake based on the very short time frame we had to consume our meals and most certainly didn’t go straight to sleep for the entire 3 hours.

When it came game time the team had a positive vibe, excited to play a good, solid game of hockey against the Auckland team. In the game itself the team had an overall positive performance winning the game 3-2 though knowing we could have put 3 or 4 more goals in against them I came of the pitch anxious to play the last game on Sunday.

Walking back to the vans for the ride home Gary, the teams liaison, gave the team three cups of French fries that we didn’t much care for because of our delicate timing with our meals earlier on we were all comfortably satisfied, which of course means we didn’t swam Garry and all but inhale the fries to silence our stomachs.

Getting back to the motel and in our rooms I was looking forward to relaxing on my bed and to listening to my music but rather I found myself franticly gathering all of my most valuable possession that I brought because the fire alarm had gone off. At first I though it was just our rooms alarm because sometimes the smoke from the toaster will trigger the separate room alarms that each room has. Realizing after a couple seconds that this was the actual alarm I proceeded with Brandon to start heading outside. Outside the team stood for about 10 minutes while New Zealand’s fire service searched the building and found that one of the rooms were cooking and had some how set off the alarm.

Whilst this was all happening Chris was getting the team some local fish’n’chips for the team that ended the day nicely.


Brandon Karess and Christian Linney


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