A pretty slow Thursday morning for everyone, as usual breakfeast at 10 which we enjoyed our usual eggs and toast and some having tea and or coffee, myself I enjoyed the tea. Soon after we had our 10:30 jog and stretch. Shortly after we had a debrief of our second game from Monday but before the meeting started fellow teammates Ranveer Kundi and Sean Chichi were late, and of course we all had to take the punishment for it, Ben would just got up from his chair in the meeting room and said “Lets go outside and plank it up” before our meeting started we did some planks and pushups and Sean and Ranveer had to do a couple extra. Shortly after our debrief we all had to get ready for practice,  After a light practice, we enjoyed some lunch and had to cook up our dinner shortly after our lunch. Dinner consisted of diced Beef  and rice which was quite good. Around 5:00 we had our pregame meeting going over tactics and extra for our game,  as well Chris told us that this will be like a FIH hockey game lights and all walk outs and national anthems and all that also playing with the Yellow hockey balls like how it was in the Olympics so we were all excited. After this we all boarded the vans and went out on our 40 minute journey to the field, All of us listening to our Ipods getting into the zone for the game. We arrived to the field but seeing multiple hockey fields it was a cool sight to see and many people playing hockey. Game started at 8:00 we started off really slow and Auckland got an early goal, but soon after we would capitalize and Ajai dhadwal scored a penalty corner putting it bottom left. A couple minutes later we earned another penalty corner and this time Johnny Orozzco put it away putting in the ball bottom left as well. The game kept playing we had many chances to score but couldn’t put it away. The second half began and we started once again to a slow start but we had a solid defense and did not concede not even one penalty corner the whole game. In the middle of the second half Tyler Sundeen scored the third goal for us putting the game to 3-1 USA victory. Man of the match went to captain Ajai Dhadwal for having a solid game playing as fullback as well as center half.     


Paul Singh #16 


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