Officially Day 1 began with a 6:50 am Olympic Men’s Hockey Final however said programme was not aired until 9.  “T’was only 2 hours later than advertised” I hear you say. Well that’s 2 crucial hours we needed to adjust to the new time zone. An auspicious start to the campaign indeed. Next on the schedule was a 10:15 jog and stretch 

Next we headed to the National Museum in downtown Auckland to sample local culture and heritage. We toured the museums various exhibitions, from the unique wildlife that inhabit the island to the unique culture of NZ. By the end of the tour we were famished and naturally after such a successful trip to the museum assumed the omens had changed. But something was astray..  What we found was like a scene from CSI. The van’s window was shattered and our collection of humble goods stolen. Jackets, backpacks, water bottles, and most importantly our lunches were gone. All that remained were little smears of peanut butter jelly, and pockets of crumbs from where the sandwiches resisted capture. Have you ever seen a crime so cowardly? So malicious? So desperate? What had we done to incur the rath of the gods we asked ourselves. Eventually we exchanged buses and headed back to the fort for some RnR before training. We trained at 7pm at the venue of the most recent Men’s Champions Trophy. A fantastic club complex consisting of 3 high quality water based pitches, a spacious clubhouse, changing rooms and concessions. Fresh from the sting of losing our pbj’s, we attacked training with all the strength an underfed athlete could muster and produced a high quality and highly beneficial session. Training was not without dramas however and Christian Linney injured his ankle. 

Exhausted from a long and problematic day we got back the hotel and hoped to pass out. Just one more task remained before we could tuck ourselves in and properly mourn our lunch. The task was to sing Andrew Davis happy birthday. We caught him after having a shower and to see the surprise on his face when he saw everyone singing him happy birthday when he walked out of the bathroom was priceless. It was a good end to an overall fun day (except the getting robbed part). We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the games and any other highlights of the trip.


Tyler Sundeen and Mo Ghandi 


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