Day two of our trip to Canada started with 8:40 breakfast. No matter where you are in the world, you can never go wrong with some delicious bacon and some mouth-watering blueberry pancakes. Before heading to lunch, we had our routine jog and stretch to loosen our bodies. During lunchtime, I’ve never seen teammate Mo Gandhi enjoy anything more than the broccoli that was on his plate.

When lunch was finished, we were given some downtime to relax before we departed for our game against Chile. Some of us took naps, some played cards, and some listened to our reggae pop star Rutger sing and play the guitar. After a bit of rest, we began our game preparation with a heart rate spike to get our bodies use to a game tempo.

At the start of the game, we were physically and mentally prepared to have a presence on the field. We showed them we meant business by scoring the first goal 11 seconds into the game. We boosted our lead to 2-0 shortly afterwards, however, we were unable to maintain our lead, which led the game to a 2-2 draw at the end of the match. A disappointing loss in the end led to two words and one question: MISTAKES & CORRECTIONS; are they good or bad?

Mistakes are made to be corrected: It’s okay to make mistakes

Corrections will not happen without mistakes: We will correct our mistakes

Correcting mistakes: We will not allow ourselves to make the same mistake just so we can correct it again

MISTAKES & CORRECTIONS, could be either good or bad, depends how you look at it. 


JaJa and Johnny


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