Today we finally had a chance to actually sleep in with the coaches option for us to eat breakfast
in our rooms or go down to the dining hall. Of course a few of us slept through both of these options, we wont say any names. 
Majority of our day was spent relaxing, keeping our feet up, and mentally preparing for game 3 tomorrow against Canada with some tactical meetings.
After our dissapointing loss in game 1 we learned how to cope with such defeat the hard way. On the brighter side,during our down time we had the World Series of wiffle ball with two evenly picked teams…
The game was a tough one with both teams having all star pitchers with amazing talent, Ben Maraquin and Chris Clements. 
The Maruquin Sluggers plundered in search of a hitting streak with curve balls, knuckle balls, and fast balls. In the end of a long and gruesome 4 innings of non stop action. The Clements Curveballers prevailed 1-0 and thereafter we enjoyed a lovely beef stirfry, rice, green beans and various other healthy foods. After lunch we had some downtime to relax. A few of the guys watched movies while some had no energy left and resorted to naps.
Around three o’ clock we headed to the field for a light training sessions involving outletting and corners. It was a nice way to get our legs back into rhythm and practice some new tactics the coaches have presented us with. Hungry as always, we quickly went back to the cafeteria to chow down on some food and then headed back to the field to watch our two opponents play each other, Canada Versus Chile. We were were assigned to groups in which we have to identify key tactical pieces we will be facing in the next few matches to come here in Vancouver.
All in all, it was a typical rest day and in the near future we shall update you on Game 2 of the Wiffle Ball World Series. 
Tomorrow we play Canada at 6:30pm and are looking for an improved result.
Viren Padhiar and Tyler Sundeen   

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