Check-in was 4pm, some arrived at 5 due to taking the scenic route, our flight was scheduled for 6.30. A panic ensued. Matters were made worse by what can only be described as a 19th century check-in service. “Can I see you itinerary…and your boarding pass…and your passport…and your boarding pass?” This deadly game of cat and mouse took us almost up to the 1hr cut off. The panic worsened. Fortunately  for all our flight was delayed. Lax indeed.

Our uniformed troops assembled outside gate 61 in good order and boarded, but something wasn’t right. Alas, one of our comrades had a surprise in store. A mutiny involving all team members in boarding group 6 proceeded in secret against an unsuspecting goalkeeper named Andrew Davies. With subterfuge skills similar to those observed in the Bourne Trilogy we acquired his new top of the range laptop.  

Hours after landing in San Fran, things went south and the GK franticly and tirelessly retraced his steps scouring Terminal 3 his laptop. However his heartache and perspiration was short lived and his cherished digital device was returned after he reboarded our first flight and we all agreed the joke had gone far enough.

 We boarded our second and final leg of the journey around 9pm. The long voyage North suddenly didn’t seem so bad, our de facto manager Binh Hoang esquire fell asleep before take-off. I can’t go into detail regarding what happened next but….

 We touched down around midnight. Barely 30 minutes after renting our troop transports we incurred parking fines for loading in a reserved bay however we talked our way out of it and escaped the wrath of the fluro yellow jackets.

2 hours after landing and we still hadn’t found our beds for the night. Tensions were starting to fray and at 2am, who could blame them. We circumvented UBC’s campus numerous times pulling U turns that turned into 360’s. Each time the navigators response was the same “It’s just round this corner”. Finally we arrived at our humble abode for the next week. We were eager to get some shuteye. What happened next will shock viewers to the core so if you have a weak disposition please look away now.

“You’ve got 2 minutes to get your bags to your rooms and get back here, do you understand me!!” Coach Ben screamed, like that dude in full metal jacket.

“Yes Drill Sergeant!!” We replied.

1 minute 57 later……

“Hit the deck men, drop and give me 25”

We did whilst simultaneously screaming “1,2,3,4, unites, states, marine, core”.

After a 2 minute plank and almost 1 hundred push-ups he let up. When we asked why so many push ups?

“You were late for Check-in”…


Mohan Gandhi and Ajai Dhadwal



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