I think as an elite athlete I learned most about proper nutrition and the little things that it takes to perform at an advanced level. Especially things like bringing your water bottle everywhere to hydrate throughout the day. As well as, bringing a notebook and pen to meetings to ensure you’ve grasped all the material and tactics of the team. In the end, it’s those little things that will greatly separate US from the opponent.
The most enjoyable thing at camp was being in the environment. It was great being with everybody every part of the day. I learned a lot about different countries, as well as how my own teammates function. You also pick up on little quirks or habits of theirs which creates a depth in team bonding and ultimately friendship.
The best moment of the camp for me definitely was the competition between the coaches and players. Which was basically an array of events and talents that people had to perform to get points. In the end, the coaches won but there were debates within the team as to the credibility of there win as many believed schematics were involved.
It was first of all, great to know I was going to be involved in something like the Pan American games again. I had been named to the Junior Pan American games in Sonora, Mexico and I had a blast! We ended up placing second overall in Sonora, so after my initial reaction I started immediately thinking forward and setting goals for this years Pan American games in Guadalajara as I hope to place just as good if not better than last time. Which in the long run would set us up to participate in the Junior World cup next year. 
Mikey BarminskiImage

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