Recently I was named to mens national squad for the first time. It was really surprising that I had made the team. I received the call from Chris expecting some other kind of news however he told me I made the team for 2012/2013! I just had the best feeling in the world just thinking to myself, FINALLY! my time has come! The first thing I did when I hung up the phone with Chris was I called my dad immediately, he is the one who supported me in playing field hockey and to have me keep pursuing this sport and hopefully play in the Olympics one day. He was so happy for me it seemed like he made the men’s team on how happy he was. I can say he was a very proud father. I realize out it is going to be a tough road, its not a easy thing to just keep your spot on the team, you can be cut in a snap, so its only going get harder for me to keep my spot on this team.A lot of good players that have been selected this year as well. Its a totally different level of play then what I am used to in the U21 ranks, however I am ready for the challenge.

We are all really looking forward to the Centralization training program for the mens team in the fall and looking towards on how a true international player trains and lives,and trying to make the squad for the world league this November. Hopefully its going be a great experience for me and some other junior players that made the men’s team as well. Right now I am training with Junior men’s team and looking forward on trying to make the Junior Pan Am team to compete in Guadalajara this September. Its going be a hard road but I am excited for the journey! 
Paul Singh 

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