Cal Cup is always a major part of the mens junior teams training. It is even more important for the improvement of the squad this year with the Junior Pan Ams coming up in September. Friday was the first day of competition for the squad as we had 2 games. The first game was against the Dirty Birds which included several former Canadian National team members. The squad started slow as the Dirty Birds edged a 2-0 half time lead and ended up taking the game 4-0. The second game was against Hockey Factory. This game went better for the juniors and who were in the game for 48minutes of the full 50. Two key lapses gave hockey factory all they needed to put in 2 goals with one being a penalty stroke. In the placement game the team played the Mexican Junior team who they will see in the Pan Ams in September. The juniors had many opportunities to knock one in but couldn’t finish in regulation. The game went to a penalty shootout and the Juniors took it from there. The tournament was a huge step for the team as they look to take home the crown this September.
Brandon & Johnny

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