After a disappointing loss to the Dirty Birds, our emphasis going into the second game was based on concentration and consistency. Our second game was a hard fought match against Hockey Factory. During the first half, we were trying to get a feel of the strengths and weaknesses of our opponent. This mindset gave us a more conservative tactic by playing a half court press most of the time. Both teams had chances to put the goal in the net, however, neither teams capitalized on the chances they had which ended the half scoreless. Going into the second half, we had decided to full press them in hopes to get a few counterattacks from their turnovers. Our full press was successful in terms of not allowing them to outlet as easily, however, we were unable to produce quality chances of scoring from them. The game ended with a score of 2-0 with Hockey Factory coming on top.

Day 1 comes to an end with our game against Hockey Factory. Even though we ended the first day with two losses, we came out with two assets to counter the losses. First, we committed those mistakes and learned from them. Second being, we learned how to not repeat our mistakes. With day 2 arriving shortly, our heads are in the right direction. We will implement what we have learned in our past two games and improve in all aspects of our play. One win tomorrow, failure is not an option.

JaJa, Viren

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