Whats going on America? You know what time of year it is, CAL CUP!!! this is Ranveer Kundi and Paul Singh giving you the 411 on game 1 against the Dirty Birds. We started the game really confident and consistent, playing structured hockey. Dirty Birds came up with the first goal on a PC from a rebound off a dragflick. We came back and had a few good chances to score although we could not convert our chances. After a couple costly turnovers they increased their lead further to 2-0 at halftime.
Second half had begun and we were reminded about our game plan to just play simple and do the easy things to come up with the win. But unfortunately we couldn’t tie up the loose ends up in time to come out with 3 points. Dirty Birds capitalized on every mistake we made and the end of the game score was 4-0. We gave them the game with the mistakes we made, they did not really earn any of the few goals they made. We look foward to putting this game to bed and look foward to the rest of the tournament. Ajai Dhadwal was man of the match for his constincey and leadership of the team and keeping everyone together. 

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