My name Is Tyler Sundeen and I have been playing Field Hockey since I was 7 years old.

 I have been on the Junior National Team since I was 14 and made the Mens National team a month before my 17th birthday. My team and I have been training for The California Cup Tournament for the past 2 months. Part of the training was the infamous “beep test”  to test our fitness.

 I took the beep test 7 weeks before the cal cup preparation camp and got a sub par score and was motivated to improve my result. I trained every day for the next two months in an effort to raise my fitness and improve my score.

 The first time I got 2160 meters (2362 yards)

We retook the “beep test”  today May 21st,  4 days prior to the cal cup and I was ready this time, with the new and improved me I reached 3480 meters (3,805 yards)!!! Increasing my score by more than 60%. My training paid off and I exceeded all expectations.

 All it took was dedication and a commitment to be as fit as I can for the tournament. Cal Cup starts Friday May 25th and I cant be more excited to play in it with my new level of fitness.  My team and I have all trained hard and expect to do better than ever this year. I cant wait to see how much our team can improve and see how well we can do at the Junior Pan American Games in Mexico this September.

 My advice to young people involved in sport is that hard work and dedication pay off and to never give up.

 Good luck to the Women’s National Team in the 2012 Olympics!





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